Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gorgeous Day in Minneapolis

After getting slammed with a "study" headache (from leaning over a textbook for hours) I decided that a walk and fresh air might help. I'm so glad I went out because it's absolutely beautiful today in Minneapolis. I visited Lake of the Isles.

Here's a shot of the snowy lake and the beautiful blue sky.

I noticed people wandering across the lake, and being originally from a place where lakes don't freeze enough to walk on, I had to question how safe it was. We've had a warmer winter, and it was 42 today, which is unseasonably warm.

I ran into a skater who commented that after growing up near a lake you just "kind of know" when it's not safe. So I followed her out onto the ice at which point she commented that the ice was "softer" today and I was probably right to wonder about safety. So I quickly shuffled across just to say I'd done it, while she skated on.

After wandering around the lake for awhile my headache dissipated and I felt better enough to take some photos. Here is the pic of my finished "A Little Zig, A Little Zag."

I've already worn these a few times, and they are pretty comfy. For clearer pictures of the zig zag motif on the ankles please check out my earlier post.

I took some shots of the "snowdrop" cowl I finished a ways back. Someone linked to my description of how to finish a tricky part of the pattern, yes! I also photographed a couple of hats that have recently been in the works. I'll have to include these in separate posts at a later date when I can elaborate more on how they were made.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Row 7 Errata for Nested Shells Pattern

Thank you for the comments made about difficulties with Nested Shells hat pattern. I finally got an opportunity to look more closely at the pattern and hope that these next few images and edits will help you finish the hat.

I am using Stitch Nation "Full O Sheep" Thyme in these pictures. As I crocheted I remembered that heavy worsted weight yarns are better for the pattern. Using a light worsted weight yarn will give you a tiny hat. The hat will stretch a little with wear, but a heavy worsted weight yarn will give you a normal size.

These edits refer to Row 7, where the shell pattern begins. This seems to be the trouble spot, understandably so, as I found some errors while I was working.

Errata is in purple.

row 7: ch 3, *skip 3 sc, shell into next sc, ch 1, skip 3 sc, dc into next sc, 2 dc into next sc, dc into next sc, dc into next sc, ch 1* Repeat from * to * 3 times, skip 3 sc, shell into next sc, skip 3 sc, 1 dc into next 4 dc, join with a slip stitch into the second ch of the ch 3 made at beginning of round. Add a place marker to the ch 3 at the end of the round to keep track of the beginning of each round.

The following pictures give you a visual of how it looks as you work up row 7 properly.

First picture shows what it looks like before you start row 7 -- ie the circle is finished. You should count 55 stitches before proceeding.

The next picture shows the chain-3 at the start of the round. "carekelly" on Ravelry pointed out that "turning-chain" doesn't apply, as we are working in the round (not going back in the opposite direction.)
The following picture shows skipping three single crochet, then making the shell into the fourth stitch. (Shell= 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) If you look at the previous single crochet row you can count the three little loops before the shell.

The image below shows the next ch 1, skip 3 sc, 1 dc into next sc, 2 dc into next sc, 1 dc in next 2 sc. The blue numbers show the 5 dc, and how dc 2 and 3 go into 1 stitch/sc (increase). The little blue loop at the end is to show the ch 1 you make after the 5 dc.Now you've finished the first the first * to *, Repeat 3 times! not 4, as you won't have enough room.
The next two pictures show making the last shell, ch 1, skip 3 sc, 1 dc in next four dc, then making a slip stitch into the beginning 3 chain.

Row 7 done! I hope this clears things up.

Please comment here or on Ravelry with any more questions. I will do my best to change the pattern and/or make another tutorial. I am currently a student, a volunteer teaching assistant and yoga instructor. It may take a little while to find a chunk of time with good lighting for taking pictures or going over things carefully.

Thanks for looking.