Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Purpley Nested Shells, did I really frog this hat?

Do you ever crochet something, take a bunch of photos, then decide you don't like your project and frog it? Apparently I do. I was going through my digital camera, freeing up some space for a new post when I found these old pics.

The yarn I used was light worsted, even though it was labeled 4. I seem to run into yarn weight problems a lot, because I shop at fancy yarn stores that only discuss weights in terms of knitting stitches per inch. I'm a crocheter! I say, and the store clerks look at me with confusion.

Also, the hat was too small! If you'd like to see what the actual well-fitting hat looks like, check out my earlier blog post. It contains the pattern for free.

PS it's really hard to photograph yourself as a hat model.


  1. Oh goodness I do that all the time. Or when we look at your very first projects and go... oh god what was I thinking? Lol the first hat I ever made looks horrible. The seam isn't straight it just keeps curving with the hat to the right. It's hilarious. I keep it just to remind myself to not let me stop crocheting or I will revert back to this. haha

  2. The first hat I made was awful too! I didn't know how to decrease, so I just made a big flat cylinder and sewed the top shut like an envelope. I still hold onto it, too. :)

  3. OMG, I *adore* that hat!! Magnificent colors!