Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gorgeous Day in Minneapolis

After getting slammed with a "study" headache (from leaning over a textbook for hours) I decided that a walk and fresh air might help. I'm so glad I went out because it's absolutely beautiful today in Minneapolis. I visited Lake of the Isles.

Here's a shot of the snowy lake and the beautiful blue sky.

I noticed people wandering across the lake, and being originally from a place where lakes don't freeze enough to walk on, I had to question how safe it was. We've had a warmer winter, and it was 42 today, which is unseasonably warm.

I ran into a skater who commented that after growing up near a lake you just "kind of know" when it's not safe. So I followed her out onto the ice at which point she commented that the ice was "softer" today and I was probably right to wonder about safety. So I quickly shuffled across just to say I'd done it, while she skated on.

After wandering around the lake for awhile my headache dissipated and I felt better enough to take some photos. Here is the pic of my finished "A Little Zig, A Little Zag."

I've already worn these a few times, and they are pretty comfy. For clearer pictures of the zig zag motif on the ankles please check out my earlier post.

I took some shots of the "snowdrop" cowl I finished a ways back. Someone linked to my description of how to finish a tricky part of the pattern, yes! I also photographed a couple of hats that have recently been in the works. I'll have to include these in separate posts at a later date when I can elaborate more on how they were made.


  1. Can't wait to make those socks! So excited.

    1. Thank you for your comments. You can get this pattern from the book "More Crocheted Socks." The designer is Janet Rehfeldt. Maybe some day I will be patient enough to design some gorgeous socks, too.